Hearthstone – Dragon Master Bundle

I bought the Dragon Master Bundle not only for fun but to help support fund the next tournament. These packs are unique as they have cards from the last 3 expansions! I expected a lot of card i may already have but was surprised of the ones i got from these pack that i never had yet and finally got! This is not my normal card opening videos where i actually talk about the cards i got. I did manage to pause long enough for those who want to see what all 5 cards were. I did manage to get a few cards i have seen that i wish i had but finally have it!

This is a great card to have as a Roague. It has the ability to destroy any many and gains a bonus effect. The bonus effect is random upon receiving this card. There are four effect that have great powers!

As you can see they are all good! I especially love the one where it where you can destroy a minion and deal it’s damage to adjacent minion. That was used against me and freaking hated it! now i can get my revenge! Sadly not on the same player that cast it one though.

Destroying a minion and adding copy of it to you hand is really evil! A perfect way to be like “You got that card? Not anymore it’s mine now!”

The other two are ok. Destroying a minion to get two coins is great if you have plans on using the coins in the same turn or hope to use it next turn at least. Just knowing to use up 6 mana though is tough but great if you seek the need to get rid of a strong minion. The last one give you stealth minion with poison. While great for later not good for the current turn. Use that one wisely

Honestly i never seen this card before and it looks great! It’s a mech so good for a mech beast type of deck. The ability to do 5 damage to a random enemy is really great! Just gotta keep that card safe! Heck i would merge it with other mechs for the extra HP at least and being only 4 mana i can think of a few card to go with it.

This card i rarely seen played. I actually obtained it earlier in my last play session. It was given to me from a minion that summons a random legendary so in a way it ruined me using this properly. Now that i have this card I may can think of a way to use it wisely.

I have seen this card been used before. It sorta pisses me off cause i almost had the person and they almost had me but it seems this card give both of us a second chance. Seeing this is a paladin card that cost 10 mana it’s a late game save my ass card. In a way this is a great counter card if you expect your opponent to run out of cards soon. Be funny to just see who runs out of health 1st if that happens.

I have had this card used against me before and hated it! Summons 5 treants and this goes well on the next turn where you may have the card that buffs treants. If played right you can have the 5 on one turn and summon two more at least next turn and then buff them. The buff is permanent so a great way to scare you opponent.

Lastly with all the cards there was a huge chance that i can get a lot of dust from the extra cards. i was really surprised of how much dust i even received! See for yourself!

Do you think this was a good set? Did you buy this set as well and if so what good cards did you receive?

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Galakrond's Awakening Chapter 2

Galakrond’s Awakening Chapter 2 went live yesterday and wanted to show it off. Got some more cards for rewards and learned more about the story.

Interesting story so far. We learn that E.V.I.L wants to resurrect the dragon and need to find it’s bones 1st. The League wants to stop them. At the same time Reno is still captured so we don’t know more about him yet. As you can guess it E.V.I.L. get their hands on the bones and Rafam has plans to move Dalaran to the area to start the ritual. Guess we have to wait next week to see what happens next.

As for the cards that were given out for rewards this week there were some that you were able to use in last weeks release. I am gonna love that new card for the druid where you can summon a 3/2 eagle or a draw a card. It’s a twin spell and will go well if you have a deck for that quest that upon completion you get both choices. There are other cards that are nice to have as well. The new elemental card that summons two other elementals with the already 3/4 elemental. the small ones freeze the target upon hitting them. That will come in handy. Lastly the new card that for warlocks that when the minion dies their attack power transfers to a random friendly minion. We seen that card in play in battlegrounds. Not sure of how to use it in a deck but will figure it out.

As it was mentioned last week you can buy the chapter by itself with actual money or in game gold.

Chapter 2 is playable right now, including both the League of E.V.I.L. and League of Explorer campaigns, and can be purchased for $6.99 or 700 gold. You can also purchase the Galakrond’s Awakening bundle, including all chapters, for $19.99.

Hearthstone Website
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Hearthstone: Battlegrounds

Prior to the release of the Descent of Dragons and if you prepurchased it, Blizzard put out a beta for a new mode called Battlegrounds which is mainly a battle of the minions.

Battlegrounds is a game mode where eight players face off in 1v1 rounds, with the goal to be the last player standing. Each round consists of two phases. The Tavern Phase lets players purchase and sell minions, upgrade the tavern, use their hero power, and rearrange their minions’ attack order. Combat Phase has minions automatically attacking the opponents’ until one player (or both) has no minions remaining, at which point the victor attacks the loser directly.


Each player get a chance to choose a hero with unique powers. Some can become quite overpowered if you use them correctly. All minions are in a pool and some are limited the higher the tier so keep an eye on who has what cause there is a chance you can’t build that strong army you hope to get.

I’ve been playing for a decent amount of time now. I’ve even got in the top 4 100 times! Here are my stats so far

This mode is fun overall. Since the expansion is out it’s available to all but still in beta. Still don’t hurt to try. You can learn more about this mode on the WIKI. The official website is bugged so if you were to go to hearthstones website the link is broken.


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Horizon Chase Turbo

I’ve been playing this for a while and really enjoy it. Just wanted to share some gameplay with you so you can see for yourself how awesome this game really is. This reminds me of that one game from the 80’s called Outrun but you get to use more cars and the main goal is not running away from the cops. The only issue i have with this game is you have to find a way to conserve fuel and try to get more during the race. Just gotta know where you get more and hope you are good at turning.

If you liked this gameplay and wanna try it for yourself you can buy this on PC on STEAM

It’s also available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

Learn more about this game on https://www.horizonchaseturbo.com/

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Galakrond's Awakening – Chapter 1

Galakrond’s Awakening – Chapter 1 was released on January 21st, 2020 for Hearthstone. This new solo adventure allows you to follow two stories one about the League of E.V.I.L. and the League of Explorers. Each Chapter will come out a week from each other so expect more gameplay next week. This is a fun new solo. Some of the heros you play have nice unique powers. I especially liked the one where you can summon a minion that cast a copy of the same spell as you do! Way too OP for competition if that hero were allowed but fun if you like to cast spells on the enemy to the point it feels like they never stop! There is a link between the two stories. I am unsure if the story is told differently if you chose the explorers 1st before playing E.V.I.L. but either way fun overall.

If you play hearthstone and yet to play this the 1st chapter is free but you can purchase the next ones with gold or you can purchase it for $19.99. Check out the website for more details


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